Top tips for travel during COVID

February 11, 2021

Melidonia Suites Team gathered some top tips for travelling post-lockdown during COVID:

  1. Look out for greater flexibility when booking in terms of making changes and cancellations to your booking. This will give you peace of mind. Check out our Safe Rate Policy.
  2. Still take-out travel insurance. Although it won’t cover you for COVID-related issues, it will still cover you for all the usual stuff.
  3. Bring plenty of face masks, as you will need them at the airport, on the flight, and in most indoor places you visit.
  4. Pack hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag and use it liberally!
  5. Avoid long-haul for now. Staying closer to home will give peace of mind and you are less likely to face long queues through immigration.
  6. Be prepared to fill in extra forms.
  7. Travel to a place where there are plenty of outdoor activities. You are less likely to be restricted by COVID if you stay outside.
  8. Check the guidelines for your travel destination before you go. It will help you be prepared and ensure you aren’t travelling somewhere that will be too restrictive for you to be able to fully enjoy your holiday.

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