Tips for booking a post-lockdown holiday with Melidonia Suites

February 11, 2021

Lockdown is lifting, air bridges are coming and it’s time to consider a getaway. Before you book, read these tips for safe travels

We have endured months in lockdown, adjusting to a more static life with more time spent still and our plans for travels postponed or otherwise cancelled. We have missed weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and reunions with our families and friends.

As the world slowly begins to open to us again and life resumes beyond lockdown, it is the perfect moment to start planning the first trip abroad.


  1. Take the time to really discover Santorini
    After months of lockdown, all of us are likely to be looking for richer, more meaningful and rewarding travel experiences. Enjoy a much-needed break with your loved ones, and take the time to really discover Santorini.
  2. You can still do the usual holiday activities during COVID?
    All the usual holiday activities will be open and available to book. Horse riding, mountain biking, jet ski safari around volcano, massage at your private terrace, tennis, private cruises and many more activities were all on offer. The only difference was that face masks were sometimes required, but usually only when in close proximity to staff. Restaurants and shops were all open as usual.
  3. Consider staying in Melidonia Suites
    Melidonia can offer suites & villas for seclusion as all of our Suites are totally independent. Our Suites are perfect for those looking for seclusion while having access to the facilities and benefits of staying in a top hotel. Our property is a fantastic option for pure escapism on a family holiday or with a group of friends. It is nestled at Akrotiri which apart from having some of the best views on the island which reach as far as Oia, magnificent sunsets, wonderful fish taverns, quiet undeveloped beaches, and tiny churches, it is also home to two of Santorini’s jewels, the Akrotiri Excavations and Akrotiri Castle.
  4. Hold onto your dreams and keep following your passion
    Although planning may be difficult these days it is so terribly important, as it allows us to hold onto our dreams and keep following our passion, may it be culture, sports or wonderful food or simply the thought of lying by a pool without a care in the world.
  5. Do as the Greeks do this summer
    Greece is a wonderful place to ‘heal’ from the pandemic. Our great efforts in containing the virus should reassure visitors worried about their health and safety. After a long shutdown we will have reopened all our museums and archaeological sites. We all know that this has been a difficult year for the whole world, but for all of us here summer is beyond safety measures and more than a feeling, a state of mind. One cannot ever dispute the Greek light. Through this beautiful light of ancient monuments, vivid blue waters, typical whitewashed buildings, the Cycladic islands, and so much more. – Angela Gerekou, President of the Greek National Tourism Organisation
  6. Make it count with a trip of a lifetime
    As travel has been grounded in lockdown, many of us are dreaming of that first trip away – to re-connect with loved ones, have a much needed break, celebrate a missed milestone birthday or anniversary, or finally take that honeymoon that had to be postponed.
  7. Book into a luxurious suite/villa in splendid isolation
    Our luxury private suites/villas are independent and always a great choice for a holiday. They offer privacy, flexibility, home comforts, and bags of space, all aspects that take on even greater significance when planning your first post-lockdown escape.
  8. Melidonia Suites have taken robust wellbeing measures
    At a time when health and safety greatly influences decisions on whether to travel and where to stay, holidaymakers will have more peace of mind by opting for hotels with robust measures in place.
  9. Travel responsibly by considering quality over quantity
    Travel can only rebound stronger if it rebuilds more responsibly. And when we look to the future, we shouldn’t be aspiring to go back to normal, but rather redefine what normal means. The most positive change we can make is a collective shift towards quality tourism instead of quantity.

When Melidonia Suites opens its doors on 1st April it’s still chilly in most parts of Europe, whilst Santorini is quickly warming up! Most days are sunny, so you can already start working on your tan, whilst not melting in overpowering heat.

Treat yourself to a suite with prime Volcano and Aegean Sea views, which you can enjoy from your very own private pool! Melidonia Suites is Santorini’s only hotel with both sea and volcano views from each suite.

April and May are also the best times to go and beat the summer crowds. Want to celebrate with a loved one? Enjoy an intimate experience right at the start of May when Melidonia Suites and Santorini are quiet, and make it extra special with a Honeymoon Suite!

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